Mar 20, 2013 Darin Allen

Lenski's NT Commentary and other New Releases

We are excited to announce another round of new releases! These new releases are all on sale as introductory specials through April 2, 2013, so be sure to pick them up now!

Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament

Lenski NT Commentary_120

R.C.H. Lenski’s 20-volume Commentary on the New Testament is praised for the way it throughly handles interpretive issues while applying thoughtful exegesis. Written from a conservative Lutheran perspective, Lenski’s commentary is in-depth and exhaustive, discussing various ways that a passage could be interpreted before offering his own opinion. Lenski was also a dedicated student of Greek, and he carefully addresses the Greek text where it is relevant, making this a great commentary for original language students.

List: $299.99
Sale: $249.99
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How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens

How to Read Bible Jesus Lens

This entry in Zondervan’s popular “How-to” series focuses on having a holistic view of Scripture, where Jesus Christ is the central focus of each biblical book. Michael Williams identifies a succinct theme for each book of the Bible and discusses how Jesus Christ is the embodiment and fulfillment of each theme. Williams also offers suggestions for contemporary implications and convenient summary charts for these themes. You can purchase this resource individually or in a bundle of all four How-To books from Zondervan.

List: $18.99
Sale: $16.99
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Fire Bible: Student Edition

FireBibleStudentEdition_120 The Fire Bible is a feature-rich study Bible offered from a Pentecostal perspective. This resource includes backgrounds of every book in the Bible in addition to many articles, charts, maps, and illustrations. It is also one of the only study Bibles to offer commentary from a Pentecostal perspective. This student edition is especially useful for campus missionaries and those in a university setting. Throughout the study Bible there are many “Campus Missions Connections” articles that are designed to aid students who want to share their faith on campus.
List: $34.99
Sale: $29.99
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