Oct 26, 2009 David Lang

Lessons from a Kamikaze-Woodpecker

Woodpecker I'm sitting in the library of the local seminary checking a few modules I'm working on against the corresponding print editions. Every few minutes or so, I find myself interrupted by a loud bang. I look out the high picture windows to see a large pileated woodpecker sitting on the ground, looking a little dazed and confused. Obviously, it had launched itself at the reflection it mistook for a rival, and instead of driving away another bird, found itself beating its head into a wall. How fortunate for the woodpecker that he was built to withstand such blows to the head!

You and I, on the other hand, are not nearly so hard-headed (no matter what our mothers may have told us!). We simply do not do well with beating our heads against a wall. That's why we're seeing lots of new users these days who, weary of crashes, bugs, and inexplicable limitations in other Mac Bible programs, are eagerly switching to Accordance. Their only regret is that they didn't discover Accordance sooner.

Know people beating their heads against a wall trying to use other Bible study programs? Let them know they don't have to be dazed and confused like this kamikaze-woodpecker. Let them know there are clear skies in the opposite direction. Let them know that with Accordance Bible software, they can soar.

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