Sep 2, 2011 Darin Allen

Mug for me, MacBook Air for you

In case you haven’t heard, Accordance is giving away a MacBook Air this month. Apple’s latest ultra-thin device now features Thunderbolt connectivity and a new Intel processor that is up to 2.5x as fast as older models. In short, it’s crazy cool and you want one. Trust me.

Apple isn’t exactly new to cool though, as they have built a reputation as pioneers of innovative and exciting technology. Their vast repertoire of cool gadgets is what makes walking into an Apple store so exciting for me. Even when I don’t need to buy anything, I still find myself hypnotically drawn into an Apple store whenever I pass by one. It’s like Steve Jobs has hidden a tractor beam deep inside the heart of every Apple store. That’s probably what caused my detour yesterday.

I had a trip planned from LA to San Francisco. Everything was going fine until I realized I was about to pass by Apple headquarters. Well, actually it was a slightly out of the way, but the tractor beam hidden in Cupertino is apparently very strong, so before I knew it the car just started driving that way.

I wish I could tell you that as soon as I arrived they rolled out the red carpet and gave me a VIP tour of their laboratory filled with top secret iPad 5 prototypes, but apparently my name wasn’t on that short list (an erroneous mixup no doubt). Instead, I was directed to their Apple store on campus that is open to all visitors.

Apple Mug However, there is something significantly unique about the Apple store on Cupertino’s campus—you can’t buy Apple computers there. Instead, the store is filled with Apple merchandise. Having been in many other Apple stores, it was a ponderous experience.  It looked like an Apple store, it felt like an Apple store, but instead of iPads there were coffee mugs. The MacBooks had been replaced with t-shirts and the iMacs had been replaced with beanie hats, all prominently branded with the Apple logo. Shameless propaganda? You bet. Still awesome? Absolutely.

Even though I wasn’t able to get a new MacBook Air, that doesn’t mean you can’t! You might not realize this, but I have hidden a tiny tractor beam inside this link. It will lead you to an opportunity to win an ultra-cool MacBook Air. In the meantime, I will be enjoying my new coffee mug.

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Archived Comments

Dr. J

September 02, 2011 11:25 AM

It's only giveaways like this that make me wish I DIDN'T work for Accordance! (sigh)

R. Mansfield

September 02, 2011 2:29 PM

I just moved all my work to a new 2011 MacBook Air, and all I can say is Accordance FLIES on an SSD drive. 


September 02, 2011 5:10 PM

Are we supposed to "unlike" the Accordance facebook page and then 'Like' it again in order to get that entry? Where's the aÓgapa◊te for all us existing fans? :)

Darin Allen

September 02, 2011 6:53 PM

Yes, I believe you can Unlike and then Like us again for this. Interesting workaround, but it gets the job done :)