Earlier this year, we released Accordance 9.3 with improved support for reading devotionals. At the same time, we released a number of new devotional modules.

While preparing those modules, I began thinking about other kinds of devotionals we could add. At the same time, I had just returned from Israel and was trying to process all the things I had seen and learned. The confluence of those two factors gave me an idea for a new book: a daily devotional focused on exploring biblical narratives in the light of their real-world setting.

The title of this new book is Feet to Follow, Eyes to See, and I’ve started blogging about it here. In the coming weeks I’ll be offering excerpts from the devotional, news about its publication, and additional insights into the text and world of the Bible. I hope you’ll check it out.

What about you? Have you ever been inspired to embark on a project because an Accordance feature made it possible?