New Features in 10.2

We are pleased to announce that Accordance 10.2 is now available for download.* This is a free update for all Accordance 10 users, and it includes some great features and enhancements. Read on for an overview of the most exciting new features.

* To initiate this download, select "Check for App Update" in the Accordance menu. This update is not available in the Mac App Store yet, but is coming soon.

Combined Texts

You can now attach two texts together in a single pane. This allows a second text to take over when the first text is missing certain verses. Here are some useful possibilties this feature enables:

  1. Attach a Hebrew Bible (e.g. HMT-W4) to a Greek New Testament (e.g. GNT-T). The Hebrew text will automatically switch to the Greek text when you navigate to a passage in the New Testament, and back to the Hebrew text when you navigate to a passage in the Old Testament.
  2. Attach a Septuagint text (e.g. LXX1) to a Greek New Testament (e.g. NA28-T). This will have the same effect as above, but the old Testament passages will display the LXX.
  3. Attach a complete Hebrew text (e.g. BHS-T) to a partial Hebrew text (e.g. BHQ). This will display the BHQ for any verses available in this text and then switch to the BHS-T when you navigate to a verse not contained in the BHQ.
  4. Attach an apocryphal text (namely the KJVA) to a text that does not contain the apocrypha (e.g. ESVS).

To attach an alternate text, click on the attach icon (as pointed out in the below screenshot) and choose the alternate text you would like.


Attach Icon


Please note that this feature only works in secondary panes (i.e. panes that you have added from the "Add Parallel" menu. This feature will not work with your primary search pane (the pane on the far-left by default).

There is also a new "Combined Texts" section in the Add Parallel menu that allows you to add some predefined sets of attached texts. You can manage these predefined sets as well.

Combined Texts


*Shortcut* You can also attach a secondary pane by holding the Shift key when selecting an alternate text from the text menu that is opened by clicking on the module title as seen in the below screenshot.

Shift Select

MT-LXX Interlinear Database

Our Dynamic Interlinear now supports the new MT-LXX Interlinear. This brand new database is now available for purchase, and allows you to view LXX words below the corresponding words in a Hebrew Masoretic text or vice versa using the Dynamic Interlinear. (At least one of the texts must be a tagged text.) Please note that you do not need to purchase this database if you already own the MT-LXX Parallel, as the interlinear will work with this module as well.

MT LXX Interlinear


Buy Now 2

Improved Copy/Paste RTF Export

Accordance now supports RTF exporting throughout the application (e.g. copy, copy as citation, drag-and-drop, etc). Copying and pasting with these functions will now properly handle superscripts and styling (especially to MS Word). You can also set Export preferences (Unicode only) to override the font and color of exported text.

Export Override

Empty Workspaces

Workspaces will no longer close entirely when you close all zones. Instead, when you close the final zone, a dark gray background will take its place and all other Accordance interface elements you have open (e.g. Toolbar, Library, Instant Details) will still be visible.

Empty Workspace

Dropbox Support for Mac

Accordance 10.2 now supports Dropbox for syncing User Notes, User Tools, and Highlight files with other devices, including Accordance for iOS. Syncing can occur manually, or automatically behind the scenes (when an internet connection is available).


Smooth Scrolling

Text and graphic content now scrolls smoothly by pixel, rather than by line. Trackpad users rejoice!

Copy as Bibliography

Text can now be copied via Copy As -> Bibliography. This will copy the citation, but no content.

Copy as Bibliography

Sort the Analysis Window by Syntax

If you own the Greek and Hebrew syntax modules, you can now sort the Analysis Window by Syntax. To do so, open the Analysis Window after searching within a syntactically tagged text. Then, click on the settings icon (small gear) and choose "Customize Display."

Customize Analysis Display


In this view, drag "SYNTAX" into the first column, below "LEX" (lexical form), and click OK.

Analysis Text Display


At this point, the Analysis Window will show your search results broken down by syntax.


Analysis Syntax

Those are just some of the highlights! Here are more of the great improvements you get in this update.

  • Syntax display option is now available in the Parsing Window.
  • Tab and Window names now support full unicode
  • Improved look of Audio, Video, and Link icons, and improved look of Audio Player window
  • Search All now supports a Syriac language option
  • The RANGE command now supports Chapter and Book search scopes
  • Superseded modules no longer show up in Easy Install (Such as GNT-T superseding GNT-TD)
  • Command-; now cycles tool fields (Display more cycle is now Command-
  • Autosaved sessions are now available via the File menu
  • Enter tags dialog now has a Help button
  • Increased maximum size of a single User Note
  • Improved FIELD and WITHIN search logic
  • Text Spacing can now be input manually for specific values
  • Search All tabs now save whether or not they are recycled
  • Interlinear now includes suffixes from other texts