New Features in 10.3

Accordance 10.3, a free update for all Accordance 10 users, includes groundbreaking new features for searching in Hebrew and highlighting texts, along with several improvements to user notes.

Hebrew Literal Search

Literal searching offers a simpler approach to searching grammatically-tagged Hebrew texts. Rather than having to remember to separate prefixes and suffixes and to use the proper lexical form, you can now just enter a string of Hebrew characters to find matching words and phrases.

grammatical search requires separating
prefixes and entering the right lemma
new literal search finds literal matches

If you right- or control-click a word in Hebrew, you can choose to search for literal hits from the contextual menu.


Of course, you can always choose the Grammatical search option when you need that level of power and precision.


Highlight Symbols

Accordance has long let you highlight text using a variety of colors and shapes, but many inductive Bible study systems employ symbols to mark prevalent concepts and themes. Accordance 10.3 now lets you mark up text with a wide array of highlight symbols.


Highlight symbols resize with the text and can be made more visible by increasing the spacing between lines in your text display settings.

You can even search for highlight symbols by including the name of a symbol in the STYLE command.


User Notes Enhancements

You can now customize the display of all your user notes globally via the User Notes Display settings of the Preferences:


You can also customize the display of individual notes files via the Set Notes Display dialog. Either approach lets you specify the Text and Alternate Text to be used for any hypertext links in your notes, as well as specifying the font and style of text, the background color, etc.

You can now rename user notes files directly in the Library:


In addition to the features you see, numerous under-the-hood changes have been made to user notes to pave the way for even more improvements in the near future!