New Features in 10.4

Accordance 10.4, a free update for all Accordance 10 users, now offers Mac users support for Retina displays and full-screen display, while Windows users can enjoy a host of improvements and bug fixes. In addition, all users can enjoy improvements to user notes, Key number searching, dictionary lookups, and more!

In 10.4.2 and up the 3D maps feature is supported for Windows.

Retina Support

Accordance now offers full support for Retina/HiDPI displays. Now enjoy crisper text and sharper graphics on your Retina display.

Accordance 10.3 without Retina Support

Accordance 10.4 with Retina Support

Full-Screen and Window Resizing from any Edge

Accordance now supports full-screen display on Mac OS X Lion or above. You can also resize Accordance windows by dragging any edge or corner.


User Notes Enhancements

Adding a note to a verse is now more intuitive. Simply hover your mouse over a verse and a pencil icon will appear in the margin.


Click the pencil to open an Edit window, enter your thoughts, and then click the Update button. You'll see your new note in parallel with your Bible text.


Even if you don't select a verse to add a note to, choosing Edit User Note from the menu or using the keyboard shortcut command-U (Ctrl-U on Windows) will now let you choose which verse to annotate.


A new note icon will appear beside any verse with a note attached. Hover over this icon to see your notes in the Instant Details box. Click the icon to view your notes in parallel panes. Click-and-hold or option-click the icon to view your notes in an Instant Details popover. Right- or control-click the icon for a menu of viewing and editing options.


New options in the User Files preferences let you hide the pencil icon or edit your notes without displaying them in a parallel pane.

Transliteration in Key Number Searches

When searching Bible texts with Key numbers representing the original Greek and Hebrew words, you can now use simple transliterations of those words. For example, if you want to search for the Greek word ἀγάπη, you can now enter [Key agape] rather than having to remember that its Key number is G26.

You can also use transliterations to scroll the list of Key numbers to the one you're looking for.


Smarter Dictionary Lookups

When you triple-click a word or select it and amplify to a dictionary, Accordance searches for that word in the dictionary you chose. If it's a word that is used in numerous article and subarticle titles, the first article mentioning that word may not be the main article on that word. Accordance 10.4 now improves dictionary lookup to find the most relevant article on the word you selected rather than the first one.

Copy As Interlinear

When displaying a Key number Bible or original language text as an Interlinear, you can now copy the interlinear information by choosing Interlinear from the Copy As submenu of the Edit menu (or the right-click menu).


Here is an interlinear of Genesis 1:1 pasted into a Numbers spreadsheet: