New Features in 1.6

Version 1.6 of our Bible Study app for iOS just went live in the App Store! This exciting update is free for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users. Here are some of the great new features included.

New Classic Theme

A beautiful new Classic theme runs throughout the entire app. This theme features subtle earth tones, new icons and buttons, and many other design enhancements. Whether you are reading, navigating, checking Instant Details, or just opening menus, this theme is designed to offer you a more pleasant study experience.

Classic Theme

Enhanced Night Mode

The popular Night Mode from version 1.5 has been enhanced in this latest update. The Slate theme now runs throughout the entire app when Night Mode is on. This offers a better reading experience in low-light environments, as you won't encounter bright backgrounds when searching the Library, navigating with the Go-To menu, or changing settings.

Enhanced Night Mode

User Notes Settings

You can now customize the text font and text size for User Notes. These options are found in the Settings view.

Notes Settings on iOS

Instant Details Settings

You can now customize the text size for Instant Details. These options are found in the Settings view.

Instant Details on iOS Settings

Automated Search Modes

The Bible Study with Accordance app now intelligently switches between Word and Verse mode just like it does in Accordance 10. This means that if you search for "shepherd" and the search mode is set to Verses, Accordance will automatically switch to Words and run the search, rather than giving you an error message.

Flex Search

Flex Search is a new way of searching that was first implemented in Accordance 10, and now it is available in the Bible Study with Accordance app. Flex Searches allow you to find variations on the English words and phrases you search for. Specifically, Flex Searches will find all inflected forms of verbs and all singular and plural forms of nouns. This mode can be turned on and off globally from the Settings menu or in the Text Display Settings for individual modules.

Flex Search on iOS


You can now add a bookmark to any verse in a text module or any location in a tool module. All of your bookmarks are stored in the Library menu, where you can recall them at any time.

Bookmark Verse

Remember My Place

Accordance will automatically sync your current reading location between all your iCloud-enabled iOS devices. This allows you to close Accordance on your iPad and continue reading where you left off on your iPhone.

Dropbox Sync

You can now sync all of your notes, highlights, and User Tools between multiple devices using Dropbox. The "Link to Dropbox" option is found in the Settings view. When Dropbox syncing is enabled, the sync icon at the bottom of the Library view will initialize a Dropbox sync rather than the standard sync over WiFi.

Dropbox Sync


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