New Features In Mobile 2.4 for iOS

Accordance Mobile 2.4 for iOS is now available from the App store! This release brings the power of the Dynamic Interlinear to your mobile device, as well as offering numerous improvements and enhancements throughout the app. These include more natural interaction with pictures in a tool, devotional support for liturgical resources, new Hypertext settings for Tools, and improvements to Easy Install, Module Updates, and the Store.

Here are the top new features in Accordance Mobile 2.4.

Dynamic Interlinear

You can now turn on the Dynamic Interlinear for any English Bible with Key Numbers or any grammatically tagged Greek or Hebrew text:

2.4 Dynamic Interlinear 1 2.4 Dynamic Interlinear 2

Turning on the Dynamic Interlinear is easy. Just open the Quick Display settings (tap the AA button) and set Interlinear to On. If you'd like to customize the Interlinear Display to show additional information, you can access those options from both the Quick Display settings for each text, as well as the universal Settings view accessed via the Library.

2.4 Interlinear Display

Devotional Support for Liturgical Tools

Accordance Mobile now lets you open Liturgical tools such as Venite: A Book of Prayer and The Ancient Christian Devotional to get the proper readings for the liturgical year, week, and day.

2.4 Liturgical Devotionals 1 2.4 Liturgical Devotionals 2

Enhanced Picture Views

Now when viewing a picture from a Tool module in the Picture Viewer, you can swipe left or right to go to the next or previous picture in the tool. You can also expand or minimize captions.


Mobile 2.4 Picture View

Hypertext Settings for Tools

Now you can set the Bible texts to be used when you click a Scripture hypertext link in a tool. Just go to the Quick Display settings for each tool and scroll down to the hypertext options at the bottom. You can also set these options globally by going into the Library Tool Display settings.

2.4 Hypertext Settings

Download and Store Improvements

When you download new modules through Easy Install, or update your existing modules, Accordance Mobile presents you with a progress bar so you'll have an idea how much longer you need to wait. We've also improved the look and functionality of the Store.

2.4 Progress Dialog 2.4 Store

The List Goes On

As with all our updates, there are far too many improvements to list: bug fixes, performance enhancements, and minor improvements to the interface which will streamline your use of Accordance Mobile. The Help files are fully updated with all the details.

Many of these new features will allow you to use Accordance Mobile in new and exciting ways. Please continue to let us know how you're using Accordance Mobile in your teaching, studies, and research.

New to Accordance Mobile 2 and wondering what was introduced with this major update? Check out the ongoing updates in Features of Mobile 2.


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