Dec 23, 2009 David Lang

The New Help Menu

Whenever I teach an Accordance training seminar, I spend a few minutes outlining where to look for help. I know there's no way the attendees will remember everything I teach them over the course of an eight hour day, so it's important that they know about the ongoing sources of help available to them. I'll therefore talk about the Help, the PDF manuals inside their Manuals and Documents folder, this blog, the user forums, the podcast, the older instructional videos, and more.

These days, I just click the Help menu to enumerate many of these sources of help. In recent updates, we've added links in the Help menu to take you directly to the podcast, blog, forums, etc. If you're a Mac user who is loath to look at the Help menu of an application, or you just never bother because so many other applications offer help which is less than helpful, you need to make an exception in the case of Accordance. Not only is Accordance Help quite good, the Help menu is like a launching pad to online training and the Accordance user community.

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