From time-to-time we have the unique opportunity to publish the research of scholars before it hits the press for academic publication. That’s the case with the Dead Sea Scrolls and Masoretic Text Variant Index, edited by Jarod Jacobs and Martin Abegg at the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute of Trinity Western University, and previewed at the November Annual Meetings of the SBL. The DSSB Variant Index represents the culmination of many long hours of research meticulously comparing the MT to the biblical scrolls, including all known fragments in the DJD series, plus more not included there.

The module is arranged by biblical reference; as such it will scroll with any biblical text. It is tagged by field including the ability to search for words or phrases in the MT or DSS reading, DSS references and signs/abbreviations.

For further info on this exciting new resource, check out this description from the introduction, and the attached screen shot:

The DSSB Variants Tool is not just intended to provide a list of variants, but a dynamic searchable database that is useful for scholarly research. This tool can be used in conjunction with biblical modules such as HMT-W4 and DSSB-C or any text that follows canonical order giving the user an immediate view of differences between the MT and the ‘biblical’ DSS. As a user scrolls through the biblical texts this tool will reveal true variations between these corpora for each verse in a separate pane or window.

DSSB Variants Screenshot

The Biblical DSS Manuscripts Variants is only available for download to Accordance 10 and above on Mac or PC, and in the free iOS app. Order here for only $49.90.