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Evangelism Is_120

NEW! Evangelism Is...: How to Share Jesus with Passion and Confidence (Earley, Wheeler)

Ministry Is_120

NEW! Ministry Is...: How to Serve Jesus with Passion and Confidence (Earley, Gutierrez)

Pastoral Leadership Is_120

NEW! Pastoral Leadership Is...: How to Shepherd God's People with Passion and Confidence (Earley)

Church History Matters_120

NEW! Why Church History Matters (Rea)

Theology for Education_120

NEW! A Theology for Christian Education

Text-Driven Preaching_120

NEW! Text-Driven Preaching (Akin, Allen, Mathews)

Sparkling Gems-1_120

NEW! Sparkling Gems from the Greek (Vol. 1)

MacDonald-Muslim Theology_120

NEW! Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory

Sell-Faith of Islam_120

NEW! Faith of Islam (Sell)

Baptist Theologians_120

NEW! Theologians of the Baptist Tradition


NEW! Ryrie's Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine

New Guidebook for Pastors_120

NEW! New Guidebook for Pastors (Brunson, Bryant)

Macarius the Spiritbearer_120

NEW! Popular Patristics Series
(5 Volumes)

PM-Pentecostal Principle_120

Pentecostal Manifestos Series
(7 Volumes)

Zucconi-Ancient Medicine_120

Ancient Medicine (Zucconi)

CBL OT Study Bible_120

Complete Biblical Library: OT Study Bible, Dictionary

CBL NT Study Bible_120

Complete Biblical Library: NT Study Bible, Dictionary

Fee-Spirit in Text_120

NEW! Listening to the Spirit in the Text (Fee)

Green-Hearning NT_120

NEW! Hearing the New Testament
(2nd Ed.) (Green)

Fathers-Living Wisely_120

Living Wisely with the Church Fathers (Hall)

Historical Jesus-5 Views_120

Nine new volumes of IVP's Spectrum Multiview Books

Collins-After Babel_120

The Bible after Babel (Collins)


The Apocalyptic Imagination (Collins)

Collins-Beyond Qumran_120

Beyond the Qumran Community (Collins)

Collins-Scepter & Star_120

The Scepter and the Star (2nd Ed.)

King & Messiah_120

King and Messiah as Son of God


Eight new volumes of Counterpoint Series

Haverkamp-Holy Solitude_120

Holy Solitude: Lenten Reflection (Haverkamp)

Targums Wordmap

Targums WordMap (The Equivalent Project) (Gottlieb)

KJV Notes_120

King James Version (1611) Notes

BTG-Whenever You Pray_120

Bible Teacher's Guide Series: (12 Commentaries;
9 Topical Studies)

Merida-Faithful Preaching_120

Faithful Preaching (Merida)



New Bibles & Original Language Texts


NEW! The Desert Fathers (Greek, English, Notes)


NEW! Ethiopic (Ge’ez) Bible (Mahibere Hawaiyat Edition)



New Commentaries & Study Bibles

FOTL-1 & 2 Chronicles_120

NEW! The Forms of the Old Testament Literature (19 Vols)


NEW! The MacArthur Bible Handbook

Beale & Gladd-Story_120

NEW! The Story Retold (Beale, Gladd)

CBL OT Study Bible_120

Complete Biblical Library: OT Study Bible, Dictionary


Matthew: A Commentary on His Handbook for a Mixed Church under Persecution (Gundry)


Mark: A Commentary on His Apology for the Cross (2 vols) (Gundry)

CSB Study Bible_120

CSB Study Bible Notes

CBL NT Study Bible_120

Complete Biblical Library: NT Study Bible, Dictionary

Continental Commentary-19_120

Continental Commentary Series (20 Volumes)

BTG-Whenever You Pray_120

Bible Teacher's Guide Series
(12 Commentaries;
9 Topical Studies)


Galatians: A Commentary (Keener)

New Dictionaries & Grammars

Vines Dictionary_120

NEW! Vine's Expository Dictionary of OT and NT Words

Croy Greek_120

NEW! A Primer of Biblical Greek (Croy)


Other Tools

Timeline Expanded_120

NEW! Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition

Manual of Ugaritic_120

A Manual of Ugaritic


New for Scholars…

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Updated: September 25, 2020