Apparatus Modules Released
News for 06.04.12
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The German Bible Society is making many new and updated resources available to Accordance users. The GBS is known worldwide for its critical editions of the original texts, together with "apparatus" modules which document the significant variants between different manuscripts.

Following our earlier announcement we are happy to announce that these items are all now available as promised.

BHQcover Hebrew Bible:

BHQ: Biblia Hebraica Quinta 3 fascicles, 2 more to follow, and additional facsicles to be added in future paid upgrades.

BHS-T with Apparatus: The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia text with full morphological tagging derived from the Groves-Westminster database, plus the sigla and the full BHS Apparatus.

Greek Bible:

NA27-T with Apparatus: the Nestlé-Aland edition of the New Testament with our own Mounce-Koivisto morphological tagging, plus the sigla and the full NA27 Apparatus. *already released

UBS4-T with Apparatus: the fourth edition of the Greek New Testament with our own Mounce-Koivisto morphological tagging, plus the sigla and the UBS Apparatus. The text is the same as the Nestlé-Aland, but includes differences in punctuation, capitalization, poetic formatting and paragraph divisions. The apparatus includes only those textual variants which involve significant differences in meaning for translators, and also includes a separate Discourse Segmentation apparatus, and cross references.

  • The UBS4-T with Apparatus: new purchase…$89.99
  • The UBS4-TupGNT-T: as an add-on to the GNT-T or NA27-T…$39.99 (adds the UBS apparatus)

LXX Apparatus: the apparatus to the Rahlf's LXX.

Latin Bible:

Vulgate Apparatus: the apparatus to the VULG-T.

Other Resources:

GTHOMcover The Gospel of Thomas: the Coptic and Greek texts with translation and notes in English and in German…$49.99 (texts are untagged, tagged Greek text available in Apocryphal Gospels.)

Newman Dictionary: revised Barclay M. Newman: A Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament.

Kleines Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament: Griechisch-deutsch by Rudolf Kassühlke (GNT Wörterbuch), translation of the Newman Dictionary…$29.99

Wörterbuch zum Alten Testament: Hebrew/Aramaic-German Lexicon of the Old Testament (BHS Wörterbuch)…$29.99

These modules are all available for Easy Install in the Mac and iOS versions of Accordance.