Big Kittel at Last!
News for 07.24.12
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TDNT Complete The unabridged, ten-volume Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) is one of the most widely used and respected theological dictionaries ever written. Edited by German scholar Gerhard Kittel, it often goes by the nickname "Big Kittel" to distinguish it from the abridged version (known as "Little Kittel"). In a recent survey of Accordance users, "Big Kittel" was the most requested lexicon or word study resource.

In print, TDNT is massive, offering detailed information about all the words in the Greek New Testament (over 2300) considered to be of religious or theological significance. Each article typically covers the use of a word in:

  • Secular Greek
  • The Old Testament and LXX
  • Extrabiblical Jewish Literature
  • New Testament
  • The Early Church

Substantial bibliographies, footnotes and supplemental articles also serve as a basis for further research. An essential resource, the TDNT contains the work of over 100 scholars, including specialists in Old Testament, Septuagint, Hellenistic, Semitic and Rabbinic studies.

The TDNT in Accordance

The Accordance edition of TDNT offers unprecedented access to its wealth of information. You can search it by various types of content (Greek Entry, Titles, English Content, Scripture, etc.), amplify to it directly from your tagged Greek New Testament or English Bible with Strong's numbers, follow hypertext links to Biblical and extra Biblical citations, and more. Thousands of hours of text preparation and review have gone into making this version of the TDNT the finest electronic version available today. The end result is a product with the speed and power Accordance users have come to expect.

Endorsements and Recommendations

"This work is the sine qua non of all the word books. Recent discussion concerning the need for contextual exegesis does not in any way diminish the value of the material provided by the Theological Dictionary. When used with proper methods of exegesis, the materials in Kittel will prove indispensable for the task of interpreting the New Testament in our time."

James P. Martin
(Author, Th.D. Princeton Theological Seminary)

"This work will be regarded as an indispensable tool for the expert as well as for the minister in the English-speaking world."

Oscar Cullmann
(Former Professor in the Theological Faculty of the University of Basel and of the Sorbonne in Paris)

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