Chinese: Not 1 but 6
News for 07.31.11
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Yes, 6 Chinese Bibles!

RCUVAfter months of preparation and testing, we are pleased to offer the following Bibles:

Revised Chinese Union Version and Chinese Union with new Punctuation from the Hong Kong Bible Society, and the Chinese New Version from The Worldwide Bible Society Ltd.

Each Bible comes in two modules: the Traditional Chinese module and the Simplified Chinese module. Simply order the Traditional Chinese module for $30, or select it as your free Bible unlock, and you will get both modules.cnvt

As for the choice of the name for God, the following are Shangti editions: CUNP-TRAD, RCUV-TRAD, RCUV-SIMP, while these versions are Shen editions: CUNP-SIMP, CNV-TRAD, CNV-SIMP.

CUNPLike our other Asian Unicode Bibles, these versions can be displayed in parallel with other Bibles and search results. They can only be searched by verse. The text can be copied and pasted into other applications.

These Bibles can not yet be displayed on iOS devices such as the iPhone, nor can they be installed in Classic or the PC with Emulator.