Hebrew Text and Syntax Updates
News for 08.15.12
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HMT-W4 cover Three important updates are free to our users.

BHS-T which comes with the BHS Apparatus had serious missing tags. It has now been updated and is available for download through Check for Content Updates..

HMT-W4 will replace BHS-W4 as our Hebrew Bible. It is also available as a free upgrade but you need to order the upgrade, which appears in Paid Updates.

The upgrade is important as Groves/Westminster have further corrected the text to the Leningrad Codex, and the tagging is also improved. This is their release 4.16.

The BHS-W4.syntax is now released as HMT-W4.syntax in order for it to work with the HMT-W4. The books of Numbers and Deuteronomy have been added. You can order this as a free upgrade to the BHS-W4.syntax.