Historic Views of the Holy Land
News for 01.13.11
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BP-art4 Do you have photographs of your family that you treasure? Perhaps you have pictures of ancestors who have long been deceased—pictures that give you a glimpse of their lives and the era in which they lived. Old photographs tell a story words simply cannot capture. Sometimes pictures show a time and a place that cannot be re-created.

The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection has great value in this regard. Taken between 1898 and 1946, this collection of photos allows us to revisit the land and its people the way they used to be. We can go back, through the lens of the photographer, to sites before they were excavated, panoramas before they were polluted, villages before they were urbanized, and people before they abandoned the way of life of their fathers.

This Accordance module includes all 8 volumes of The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection of photos from the Historic Views of the Holy Land series published by Bible Places. The module includes over 4000 images in high resolution, together with searchable descriptions, captions, bibiography, and Scripture links.

Order the entire collection as a special download for just $149 (DVD $10 extra).
Read the illustrated introduction by Todd Bolen.