News for 03.05.12
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Gottingen University By any measure the book of Isaiah is of major importance in almost every field of Biblical Studies. But, what does it have to do with a pretty town in Germany? The University of Göttingen is the center of a massive study of the Septuagint, resulting in the gradual publication of the definitive critical edition of the LXX.

Accordance is happy to announce the addition of the entire Isaiah volume to the current volumes of the Pentateuch, Ruth, 1Esdras and 1Maccabees.

Gottingen Seal The Greek text is carefully tagged with full morphological analysis linked to glosses. It can be used in the dynamic interlinear feature with the Rahlf's and Swete texts.

The two apparatus modules and the Notes are fully hyperlinked to the abbreviations and Scripture references. Each of the 11 "fields" is searchable separately or in combination (such as Greek, Coptic or Manuscripts).

This volume will be of great interest to every scholar of the book of Isaiah, of the Septuagint, or of the New Testament. Fully integrated with all your Accordance modules, it is far more useful and significantly cheaper than the print edition.

Order and download LXXG-ISA today for only $80.