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News for 11.24.10
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nt-mss-box Our booths were humming with excitement as the attendees snapped up our newest products. On top of the recent major releases of Zondervan and Carta titles and the Journal of Biblical Literature, we had a slew of new modules and disks:

NT-MSS Images: Plates of the Major New Testament Codices from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts…$179

The five GNT Images modules include over 1300 images of the following codex facsimiles: Alexandrinus, Sinaiticus,Vaticanus, Washingtonensis, and the original Codex 2882. These images can be compared side by side with the tagged Accordance text of each codex.

Additional unlocks in the Scholar's 9.1 Collection:

PESHOT-T: Grammatically tagged Syriac Peshitta of the Old Testament. Currently Genesis-Deuteronomy, to be completed at no additional charge…$150

GNT-ALEX: Codex Alexandrinus: Morphologically tagged Greek text of Codex Alexandrinus (Codex A, or Codex 02), the great 5th century NT uncial manuscript located in the British Library…$60

ATHAN-T: Athanasius Incarnation: Morphologically tagged Greek text of Athanasius of Alexandria's Incarnation of the Word of God, based on Athanasius, Incarnation of the Word of God Jacques-Paul Migne's edition in Patrologiae Graecae (Paris, 1866)…$50

APOCAL-T: Apocryphal Apocalypses: Morphologically tagged Greek texts of a collection of Apocryphal Apocalypses, including: Apocalypsis Mosis, Apocalypsis Esdrae, Apocalypsis Pauli, and Apocalypsis Iohannis (from C. Tischendorf, Apocalypses Apocryphae [Leipzig, 1866]) as well as the Apocalypse of John Chrysostom, Questions of Bartholomew, a collection of the fragments and quotations of the Apocalypse of Peter, and 6 Ezra…$50

SAMTARG: Untagged transcription of the Samaritan Targum Jonathan, MS British Library Or 7562…$50

Major free upgrades include:

  • LXXS-T: LXX Swete with Textual Apparatus tagged text and apparatus now complete…$110
  • LXXC Apparatus LXX Cambridge Apparatus vols I & II. Use with Swete text…$60
  • TARG-E Targums Translation adds 1 and 2Kings, Psalms, and Lamentations…$50
  • NETS New English Translation of the LXX updated with official corrections…$40
  • NIDNTT and NIDOTTE add page numbers

We also now have disks available for Carta Collection, NT Apparatus, Zondervan Reference, Holman Reference, Primary 9.1 for Mac and PC. All these modules are available for Easy Install, but the disks make them available to users on the PC emulator, and those with problems downloading the large files.