Keyed NIV11 Released
News for 03.02.12
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The NIV11-GK Group is now available for download. We have added the G/K numbers to the text of the NIV11 and included a completely new KM Hebrew Dictionary and an updated Mounce Greek Dictionary. These dictionaries not only define the word, they link to searches of the original text and the other Key number texts so that you can see imediately how the word is translated in any of those Bibles.

NIV11-GK Screenshot

There will be periodic updates to this text as we complete the tagging of the text. In order for this Bible to work with the KM Hebrew Dictionary and NIV11 Notes, you will need the upcoming free upgrade to Accordance 9.5.5.

The NIV11 Group is just $39.99 as a new purchase.

Upgrade from the NIV11 is only $20.

Remember that if you have the 1984 NIV or NIV-G/K you can add the NIV11 free, and then just pay for the upgrade.