NIV 1984 and TNIV not available
News for 01.06.12
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niv-coverAt the publisher's request, we are required to stop selling the NIV 1984 edition and the TNIV after January 16, 2012. That means there is just over a week left to purchase these Bibles if you would like them. This also applies to the bundles that include them.

We understand that many of our customers are interested in these versions, so please be sure to act now if you want to be able to use these Bibles in Accordance. After Monday, January 16, 2012, we will no longer be able to sell the NIV84 and TNIV.

We will also be required to stop supporting backups (Easy Install) for these Bibles after one year, so be sure to backup these files so that you will always have access to them.

The NIV 1984 and TNIV are both on sale now for $19.99, with certain restrictions. If you would like to purchase the NIV 1984 or the TNIV before January 16, 2012, you can do so on these pages:


NIV 1984 (add-on to NIV 11) on sale for $19.99

NIV11 + NIV 1984 Bundle on sale for $34.99

TNIV (add-on to NIV 11 + NIV 1984) on sale for $19.99

NIV11 + NIV84 + TNIV Bundle on sale for $49.99

Jan 17, 2012: we have withdrawn these items from sale, per the request of the publisher of the NIV: Biblica.