NA27 with Apparatus
News for 01.21.12
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Greek New Testament with Apparatus Now an Add-on

GNT-T cover The Greek New Testament Nestlé-Aland 27 published by the German Bible Society is the widely accepted critical edition which incorporates the latest research and manuscripts. The extensive footnotes called "Apparatus" document the major variations between the manuscripts, which account for many differences between modern translations.

Now, for the first time, we are able to offer the text and apparatus as a complete add-on to any user of Accordance 9. The text includes the "sigla" marks which identify the entries in the parallel NA27 Apparatus module, as well as text formatting for italics and poetry. It is also fully tagged with morphological and gloss information. Until now, there was no single text with all this information.

The Apparatus module from the Mac Studienbibel package has been updated with several corrections.

This is now an essential and affordable add-on for any user interested in the Greek New Testament and its variants.


There are four ways to order this updated text and apparatus:

The corrected Apparatus itself is a free update to users with this module.