Sep 24, 2009 David Lang

Odds and Ends

Yesterday I posted a link to the TUAW review of Accordance. A blog focused on all things Apple, it has an audience with a wide range of religious and non-religious views, and that showed in the comments on the TUAW review. But amid all the noise several users voiced their personal enthusiasm for Accordance. One even gave his own excellent comparative review. Be sure to check it out.

By the way, the author of the TUAW review lamented the poor signal-to-noise ratio of the comments his Bible software reviews have received, and I told him we got the same mix of reactions whenever we would exhibit Accordance at MacWorld Expo. Here's a link to a January blog post in which I talk about some of the strange looks we would receive.

A few Accordance users have also made their voices heard in response to a blog post on the "Other Best Bible Software." The author is a PC user who seems to take a dim view of Macs, and by "other" he means a second Windows program in addition to the one he had recommended in a previous post. So the author recommends one program for language work and a second for access to commentaries and other materials. This is not an unusual practice among Windows users. Accordance users, on the other hand, have been able to enjoy cutting-edge language features along with an ever-growing library of first-rate commentaries and reference works. I would argue that Accordance is therefore the only best Bible Software.

By the way, I intentionally did not link to that blog post because I don't want Accordance users to flood that post with pro-Accordance comments. I just wanted to remind you all how good you have it! :-)

Shifting gears a bit, I want to remind you all to subscribe to our weekly video training podcast called Lighting the Lamp. Last week, Dr. J showed how to use commentaries effectively by showcasing the new Hermeneia commentary. This week, he shows off some of the new features of Accordance 8.3. These podcasts are a tremendous source of ongoing Accordance training. They'll help make you the best power users of the best Bible software.

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Archived Comments

Dr. J

September 25, 2009 9:07 AM

Thanks for the endorsement, David!

I just want to say publicly here what a great blessing your blogs have been to me. I have five or six sites that I check for news every morning. Yours is among them. I often find new information on how to use Accordance—or a fresh perspective on something I already [thought I] knew. I've even been known to swipe information or examples from here for the podcast! ;-)

Keep up the great work!

Blessings, Dr. J