Dec 18, 2009 David Lang

Podcast on the Graphics Bundle

Lighting the Lamp ImageIf you've been toying with the idea of purchasing the Accordance Bible Atlas, Bible Lands PhotoGuide, and/or Timeline, now is the best time to do it. The Graphics DVD Bundle, which includes all three of these resources, is currently on sale for just $149.

One of the biggest challenges we have with the Atlas, PhotoGuide, and Timeline is adequately communicating just how cool these resources are. When people see them in action, they're invariably blown away, but how do you write a product description which has that same effect? I'm not sure you can. So if you've been wondering if you really need or would use those graphic resources, you need to check out Dr. J's latest podcast on the Graphics DVD Bundle. In it he shows you exactly how these resources can help you in the course of your study.

Dr. J has done some other helpful product-oriented podcasts, including one on commentaries (featuring Hermeneia) and one on the ESV Study Bible. Those items also happen to be on sale. So use Dr. J's podcasts as a way to see what you'll get before you purchase.

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