Aug 25, 2010 David Lang

Preferences You Need to Know About

Whenever I do a training seminar, I'm surprised to see long-time Accordance users still getting the copyright info for each new module they open, or a save warning for each window or tab they close. If you use Accordance the way I do, you're constantly opening resources, looking up information, then closing them again. You don't want to be hassled with all those warning messages and temporary windows, do you?

If you haven't discovered that you can turn those things off yet, go to Preferences right now and select General Settings. At the top of the dialog box you'll see the following options:


Look at all the items in the Information section. By clicking a checkbox, you can suppress the initial Accordance splash screen. Attractive as it is, having it appear each time you launch Accordance takes time. By turning it off, you'll save a second or two each time Accordance opens. You can also suppress the copyright info and save warnings I mentioned above, as well as information tips which appear to offer help in how to use certain features. Since the information tips don't appear very often and are not terribly intrusive, I leave this box unchecked, but you can turn them off if you don't want them.

In addition to suppressing information windows and dialogs which can interrupt your workflow, the General settings also let you determine how you want Accordance to open. In the Startup section, you can choose whether you want Accordance to start with a Default Search window, with a custom window arrangement you set up and save as the "Default Session," or with the "Last Session." Starting up with the Last Session means Accordance will save whatever is open when you quit Accordance and reopen with the same window arrangement the next time you launch Accordance.

If you haven't yet discovered these settings, you owe it to yourself to explore the numerous options in the Accordance Preferences. By the way, if you're not quite sure what a particular option is for, just click the question mark at the bottom right corner of the Preferences dialog. Accordance Help will open to tell you exactly what that option is for.

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Archived Comments

Jonathan Morgan

August 26, 2010 9:50 AM

When I see advice along the lines of "every user should change default setting X to Y", it sort of makes me wonder why the default is X to start with.  Why do we need these prompts?  Would it be better to make hiding all of the prompts and so forth the default?

David Lang

August 26, 2010 11:43 AM

Jonathan, I've certainly made the suggestion that we turn off the copyright info by default, but a splash screen giving version information and telling what program is being launched is pretty standard, and a save warning is helpful for new users who may be shocked to lose a search they've constructed. Sometimes determining what should be the default is not as easy as it seems.

Helen Brown

August 26, 2010 12:27 PM

I don't think that our contracts with the publishers would allow us to suppress the copyright info by default. However, some defaults can and will be changed for new users. We rarely change them for established users since we assume that they have made their choices.