Apr 2, 2009 David Lang

Print Selection . . . Honest!

By now I think everyone has figured out that the Holiday Verses feature I talked up yesterday was an April Fools' joke. Today I want to talk about the usefulness of a feature you already have which is no joke: namely, Print Selection.

Tuesday night my wife, kids, and I put on a mini-concert for the residents of a local nursing home. We did our best Von Trapp family impersonation, singing "So Long, Farewell" and some songs from other musicals, and then we had the residents join us for a few well known hymns. Wanting to have lyrics printed for those residents still able to read, I opened the Hymns module and pulled up each of the hymns I wanted. I then just selected the lyrics I wanted and chose Print Selection from the File menu. In minutes, I had the lyric sheets I needed.

There may be lots of times when you need to print a portion of a passage or dictionary article, or even a portion of an image like the map or timeline. The Print Selection command lets you do that quickly and easily. Print Selection may not be the sexiest Accordance feature, but when you need it, it comes in very handy. And that's no joke!

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