Aug 4, 2009 Helen Brown

Rabbinics-Ancient and Modern

It's a great joy to be exhibiting at the 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies at hebrew University, Jerusalem. There are thousands of scholars from all over the world, and of course from Israel itself. We have many users among the attendees. We met a Hebrew scholar from Japan who has used Accordance since version 1 (and upgraded through the years), and an Israeli who teaches Bible in japan and bought Accordance last year.

There's a lot of interest in our new Hebrew Introductory Bundle: just $119.

In conjunction with the Congress, we are happy to announce a new series of Rabbinic texts.

The Tosefta and the Mekhilta de Rabbi Ishmael are now released and available for download.

The Mekhilta de Rabbi Ishmael is a halakhic midrash (commentary) on Exodus 12-23, 31 and 35. This untagged module is the electronic text of the Munich Codex of Mekhilta de Rabbi Yishmael.

The Tosefta is a supplement to the Mishnah. It is another compilation of the Jewish oral law from the that period. This untagged module is the electronic text of the first printed edition of the Tosefta, Venice, 1521-22, as included with Isaac Alfasi's Halakhot.

The electronic texts were provided by the Primary Textual Witnesses Project (PTWP) of Bar Ilan University, directed by Prof. Shamma Friedman. We look forward to working with Prof. Friedman on many more texts.

The purchase price of these new modules will be credited towards a future bundle of Rabbinic texts which is currently in preparation.

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