Sep 21, 2009 David Lang


Dr. Joel Willitts of the Euangelion blog has been writing a series of posts entitled "Accordance and Me," in which he recounts his personal experiences with Accordance. In part 1, he describes his first exposure to Accordance at Dallas Theological Seminary, including its enthusiastic recommendation by the late Dr. Harold Hoehner. (See this post for my own reflections on Dr. Hoehner's remarkable support of Accordance.)

In Accordance and Me, part 2, Dr. Willitts describes his experience of using Accordance with the PC emulator prior to switching to Mac. In part 3, he gives his impressions of how Accordance compares with other high-end Bible programs. And in part 4, he discusses the place Bible programs like Accordance have for beginning language students. The series is well worth checking out, and it appears we can expect additional posts to follow.

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