Sep 19, 2012 David Lang

Searchin' fer Buried Treasure

PirateFlag Avast, ye lubbers! Know ye what today be? Aye, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In honor of this day, I challenge ye to embark on a quest fer buried treasure aboard the good ship Accordance.

Tell us, if ye dare, which is the only English Bible clever enough to mention pirates by name? Judge ye it to be a true rendering? Or like most things to do with pirates, is it a bit of a stretch?

If ye successfully navigated that first challenge, here's another'n for ye. Can ye find a story of pirate lore that could serve as a good illustration to those clean-livin' souls who subject themselves to yer weekly sermonizin'? Try yer hand at a Search all for "pirate", "buccaneer", or even the names of a famous pirate or two!

I'll say this much, it seems ol' John Phillips must have a little pirate in his own soul, judgin' by the number of pirate tales he tells. Mayhaps he descends from the pirate captain o' the same name? Whate're the reason, the man knows how to spin a good yarn about sea dogs!

If ye be successful in your quest and don't founder on the shoals, be good mateys and leave us a comment tellin' us what ye found. If ye find a good pirate tale, tell us how ye might use it in a sermon illustration. Those who actually dare to do so will win everlasting fame and glory. But be warned, too many pirate stories in the pulpit could get yeh shipped off to another berth!

Oh, and when ye leave yer comments, be sure to talk like pirates, ye swabs!

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Arrgh, I hear tell o' pirates in the secret Message.