Oct 8, 2009 Helen Brown

Searching for Abundance

I came across the word περισσεια (perisseia, abundance) and wanted to study it further. Easy, I thought, I'll just option-click the Search button on the Resource palette to find all the words derived from the same roots. Problem: I get 710 hits since the root peri is used in many compound words with otherwise unrelated meanings. But perisseia has only the one root, so how will I find similar words?

I open a Greek Construct, dragged in ROOT and select περι from the list. Then I option-drag this Root item into the same column, add *- before the περι and drag a NOT over the second root. Now I can find all words that have περι in the root, but no other root word.

Hmm, I still get 420 hits, mainly for περι itself. So I add a LEX item, also περι and negate it with a NOT. This should eliminate περι from the results.

Here is the single column construct:




That's much better! I click Details: Analysis, and see that all but one of my 87 hits are obviously closely related words.

Here is the analysis of the results:



Now I can explore their use in surprising places in the GNT. Turns out I could have simply searched for περισσ*, but I didn't know that (not being a Greek scholar).

Aside from sparking your interest in this word, i trust this little study illustrates how easily the Construct window can be used to add multiple criteria to the definition of a single word.


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Lorinda Hoover

October 09, 2009 11:22 AM

Thanks, Helen!  I have often wanted to do similar searches, but hadn't figured out this technique!