May 12, 2011 David Lang

Seminars Near and Far

What do Sydney, Australia and Greenville, South Carolina have in common? Both cities are hosting free Accordance training seminars this weekend. If you're Down Under or near the Palmetto State, be sure to check our Seminars and Shows page for details of how to attend.

Our team doing the Australia seminars has actually spent the last month doing seminars in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You can read a detailed report of this whirlwind tour of the Far East here. Now they're teaching several seminars in Sydney over the next week as well as one in Perth later this month. After that, I imagine they'll collapse from exhaustion!

Knowing that we don't make it to Australia all that often, Accordance-using Aussies are pretty well packing those seminars. One student even confessed on twitter that she was attending an Accordance seminar even though she had been too sick to attend classes!

Although South Carolina is a lot easier for us to get to, we really haven't done too many seminars there. In the past, you South Carolinians have had to travel to Atlanta or Charlotte to attend a seminar, so this is your chance to attend one in your own backyard.

Once again, if you'd like to attend any of these seminars, or to see where else we've got them scheduled, be sure to check our Seminars and Shows page.

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