Jan 4, 2010 David Lang

Spoiled by Speed

I admit it. I've been spoiled. I've been using Accordance since version 1.0 and it has always been fast. It doesn't matter what hardware I run it on. I've never owned the fastest Macs, and for many years I limped along with entry-level Macs. Yet somehow, Accordance was always responsive and delivered search results very quickly.

Some programs perform simple operations quickly but grind to a halt when doing anything more advanced. I've never found that to be the case with Accordance. Accordance is arguably the most powerful Bible software available, yet even the most advanced searches run quickly and without taxing your system. I can't remember a time when I got the dreaded "color wheel of death" in Accordance. I can't say that about other programs I use, including many of Apple's own apps. Neither can I think of a time when an Accordance user has felt the need to upgrade their hardware just to get Accordance to run properly—unless we're talking about really old hardware.

I say that I've been spoiled by Accordance's speed because I've had very little to compare it to. Accordance rarely makes me wait and I largely take that convenience for granted. But when I show Accordance to people who are accustomed to other software, they are invariably blown away by Accordance's speed. Apparently not everyone enjoys the instant gratification we Accordance users do.

Advanced software doesn't have to be slow. It shouldn't require a super computer. It should simply handle everything you throw at it as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Accordance does that as well as any program I know.

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