T. Yerushalmi Completed
News for 07.29.12
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We released the Neusner/Zahavy edition of the Jerusalem Talmud three weeks ago. It was quickly brought to our attention that the text we received only had 28 tractates instead of 39. We are happy to announce that we now do have the complete text, available as a free upgrade to anyone who already bought the module.

T-YERU-E The Jerusalem Talmud, or Yerushalmi, or Talmud of the Land of Israel, is a commentary on the oral law (the Mishnah) of Israel that ties that oral law to the written law (the Torah, the Hebrew Scripture). Completed about 200 years prior toThe Babylonian Talmud (Bavli), it records the first such compilation of Jewish scholarly thought.

Jacob Neusner completed this monumental American translation and commentary ofThe Jerusalem Talmud in the last decade, but until now it has been expensive and difficult to obtain. Now all thirty-nine Yerushalmi tractates as translated by Professor Neusner and Tzvee Zahavy are available in Accordance. In addition to a preface and general introduction to the whole work, Professor Neusner has provided fresh and helpful introductions to each of the tractates. He has also provided within his translation the references to Bible verses alluded to in the Yerushalmi.

This module contains the full content of the translation, commentary on most of the tractates, and introductions to each. It scrolls in parallel with the Mishna, and shows both Mishna and Scripture references in the instant details, and as hyperlinks.