Mar 2, 2011 David Lang

Hit Tab Twice to Go To

In this series of posts, I'm offering some simple tips which will help streamline your Bible study. Here's another one:

Hit Tab twice to Go To.

In the past two posts, I've discussed how hitting the Tab key automatically selects the contents of the argument entry box. Using this shortcut lets you immediately type a new search argument or open a Construct window and have it automatically linked to your Search window.

Hitting the Tab key twice selects the contents of the Go To box at the bottom of the window, enabling you to type a verse reference (in a Search window) or article title (in a Tool window) to jump to the verse or article you entered.

Remember that the Go To box is a navigational tool. When you enter a verse or article there, you are not searching for that verse or word, you are simply jumping there. If you've done a search which only shows some of the verses in a Text or articles in a Tool, the Go To box can only take you to the verses or articles which are currently displayed. I'll explain that further, and show you how to get around it, in tomorrow's post.

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