Dec 3, 2009 David Lang

This and That

There have been some interesting internet discussions and posts related to Accordance lately. If you haven't discovered them yet, here are a few links.

Rubén Gómez of Bible Software Review has posted videos showing how to perform searches on the gospel material known as "Q" (those passages common to Matthew and Luke but not in Mark). They're worth checking out, not only for their teaching value but also to hear Rubén's sultry Spanish accent! ;-)

Karyn Traphagen has asked readers of her Boulders 2 Bits blog whether schools or students should choose the Bible software to be used. Be sure to check out and contribute to the discussion in the comments.

Andrew Mercer lets you get "inside his head" regarding Bible study options for the Mac. His final verdict? If he had to choose just one program to use, it would be Accordance.

Finally, offers advice on how to purchase Accordance. The author recommends taking an à la carte approach to getting the essentials for New Testament study. Personally, I think you'll get better bang for your buck with one of the packages or bundles which are currently on sale, but this post does underscore the fact that you don't have to buy stuff you don't need in order to get the stuff you want.

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