Apr 8, 2011 David Lang

Tip: Marking Hit Verses

When you search the text of the Bible and begin reading through the results, you may find that some hits are more relevant or useful than others. For example, let's say you search the ESV for the phrase "do not fear." There are 37 occurrences of that phrase in 35 verses, and they range from words of reassurance to a woman in childbirth to promises of deliverance from enemies to condemnations of those who do not fear God. With such a wide range of results, you need a way to sort through the results and mark the verses that interest you.

To mark a verse, simply hold down the option key and click anywhere on that verse. A blue bookmark will appear to the right of that verse, and a new set of navigation arrows labeled "Mk" will appear at the bottom of the Search tab. Clicking these arrows will jump you to the next or previous marked verse. So if you mark 5 verses out of those 35, you can quickly navigate to each one using the up and down Mk arrows.

Once you've marked verses, you can collect them in a reference list, use that reference list as a custom range, and more. I'll show you how to do those things in future posts.

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