Apr 4, 2011 David Lang

Twittering Away About the iPad Giveaway

Last Friday, I told you about our April iPad 2 Giveaway and explained that you can enter via our website, Facebook, or Twitter. If you enter via Twitter, you can choose to tweet a prewritten message, or you can customize the message in some way. For every Twitter follower that enters through the link in your tweet, you get an extra entry, thereby increasing your chance of winning.

Because I have predefined searches for tweets mentioning Accordance, I am now seeing a huge number of these tweets each day. Most just have the prewritten message, but a few people have gotten creative. Here are some of the clever tweets that have caught my eye:

Soul-Searching: Is it biblical to pray I win a Accordance Bible iPad 2 + $500 of Accordance modules? Maybe that's why I need it... http://wfi.re/7e7yo

Theologically Precise: In God's common grace He gave us iPad 2 & Accordance click here to register to win both: http://wfi.re/7dxk0

Out of Character: Oddly for me, I entered the Accordance Bible iPad 2 Giveaway for a chance to win an iPad 2 + $500 of Accordance modules: http://wfi.re/7dxzr

Up Front: Hubby told me to enter: Accordance Bible iPad 2 Giveaway for a chance to win an iPad 2 + $500 of Accordance modules: http://wfi.re/7ds79

Theologically Profound: It's mind-blowing 2 think that when God wrote the Decalogue on a stone tablet, He already knew about iPad2 and Accordance http://wfi.re/7dqn2

Think you can you add your own creative twist on our iPad giveaway in less than 140 characters? If so, enter here.

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