Upgrade Policy

Accordance provides free updates of the application within each major version. These updates include new features, enhancements to current features, bug fixes, and continued compatibility with the latest supported operating systems. We cannot guarantee that older versions of Accordance will be supported on future operating systems, nor that future versions of Accordance will be compatible with older systems, although we try to maintain compatibility for as long as we can.

Thus far, major versions of the application have been released approximately every 2 years and offered for a modest upgrade fee. The new version incorporates all previously purchased modules as well as user created content so that your previously purchased modules do not need to be repurchased.

The contents of our text and tool modules are updated frequently for free. This mainly consists of typos or formatting errors. Occasionally a paid upgrade is offered to a new edition of a title, or when significant new content is added to it. The older version will continue to work for many years. There are only a few very old modules that will not work on the latest Accordance, or are not available for Easy Install, until they are upgraded.