Aug 17, 2010 David Lang

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Users' Conference: #9

Last week I began a top ten list of reasons you should plan to attend our inaugural Accordance Users' Conference outside of Dallas on September 24-25. Here again is reason number 10, along with reason number 9:

10. Hang Out with Other Accordance Users: See previous post for more.

9. Get to Know Accordance Developers: Ever wanted to meet the people behind the product? If not, you should. I work with them, and I can tell you that every one of them is worth getting to know. The more I look at the Bible software industry, the more I see how each program is a reflection of the passions and priorities of its creators. At the User's Conference, you'll find out what our passions and priorities are.

Some of the sessions at the Users' Conference will be taught by the actual people who write the software, design the interface, and develop the modules. Others of us won't be teaching, but we'll still be available in the sessions, hallways, and during the breaks. You'll be able to use those opportunities to strike up a conversation or get a question answered.

Not only is this your chance to get to know us personally; it's also your chance to make suggestions and give us your feedback face-to-face. We do our best to consider all the feedback we receive, but let's face it, you can have far more influence through an engaging conversation than you ever could in a well written email or post to our user forums. So come bend our ear. This is your best chance to give us your input and shape the future development of Accordance.

I've now given you two good reasons to attend the User's Conference, but the best reasons are still to come. Look for them in upcoming posts, and be sure to pre-register before the price goes up.

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