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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and review the Accordance Bible Software.

Here is my review!
 In the short time that I have been able to take advantage of the Accordance Bible Software I have been overwhelmed by the treasure box that it is! There is abundant, rich resource at the touch of the keyboard. There is not only the Holy word of God in many translations and languages but also the words of so many faithful people who have gone before us and have given us their own commentaries to learn from.

Being a visual thinker I especially loved the atlas and being able to see the pictures of the Holy Land and places of the bible. I also spent quite a bit of time in the book of hymn lyrics... taking me back to my childhood and hearing my Mom sing those hymns as she worked in the kitchen. I was astounded by how many I actually knew the tune of, just from my memory of her. What a gift.

Last but not least, I appreciated the clarity of the online tutorials on how to begin using Accordance as well as all the tool tips that popped up when I started moving around in the software. The Accordance Bible Software for me is a ticket to embark on an adventure of learning and discovery like never before.


March 15

I have had the opportunity to use the Accordance Bible Software English Discover Collection for the past two months.  In my current ministry I find that I am traveling more and more. This posses a challenge in my preparation of messages as I am away from study and all my library resources.  With the Accordance Bible Software, I now have library of resources wherever I go. If I were starting in ministry today, there is no doubt that this is how I would build my library. What really surprised, (and pleased) me however, is how easy the software is to use and how useful it is in the actual preparation of messages.  I am very computer challenged and easily frustrated in using software. In just one hour of navigating on my own, I felt comfortable navigating through the resources.  In another hour I had discovered even more features on my own and felt familiar using more advanced resources.  This is a record for me!  In short, I recommend the Accordance Bible software for those just beginning in ministry, as well of those of us who have been at it for quite a while.  It is a wonderful tool in the service of our Lord.


Anneli Anderson

Accordance is Bible software for everyone, whether you are a casual reader of the Bible, a serious student, a pastor or scholar or even a postgraduate researcher. No longer does it command a niche corner of the limited Mac market of Bible programs, but it dominates on both the Mac OS and Windows platforms. It has speed, it has depth, it has a broad range of Bible-based resources, it has active and ongoing development from a brilliant and dedicated team, it has stellar customer support, it has a vibrant and friendly and helpful online community forum, it is competitively priced, there is no hard sell, you can download a free/demo version and try it out for yourself. If you want to have the Bible on your Mac (or PC or iOS device), you cannot ignore Accordance. 

I reluctantly switched to Accordance from Online Bible years ago when OLB wasn't available for Mac OS X (NB it is now) after seeing it demoed at a Mac Expo (remember them?). I've stuck with it even though now and then I will try a demo or a free Bible program that is new or novel or innovative. But Accordance is the one that serves me best, it's the one that I keep on using, and continue to invest in by adding new modules fairly regularly (and I don't mean old public domain out-of-copyright works.) And I don't regret a penny of that investment.

As I said, if you want to have the Bible on your Mac (or PC or iOS device), you cannot ignore Accordance.


This is the absolute best Bible software on the market today. Lightning fast searches are the standard on every platform including much older machines. The focus on the Scripture as central, aids in the access to commentaries, Bible encyclopedias and the original languages. The shortcuts to search by range, transliterated word, strongs number make original language searching not only fast but also meaningful. From there you can save your results to custom made "stacks" or electronic notecards that will record your results and can be organized by groups that the user defines. The interlinear functionality is without parallel as well as the INFER command among duplicate Bibles. The info pane is attached to a tagged Bible by default and takes the user to a curated list of Commentaries, outlines, study Bibles, interesting words, parallel passages, and original language grammars. Do you want to type in Greek? Open up a Greek Bible and go! The same is true for Hebrew. ALL of this occurs FROM the text rather than to the text. Through it all the Scripture remains central. I've only mentioned a few things this software does. Download LITE and try it for yourself!

Dan Langston

Accordance User

Up front I must state that I was given a copy of Accordance 12 English Learner edition if I would give an honest review.

Having been a user of another digital Bible study software and have spent a lot of money stocking it with books so, this was a bit of a learning curve in learning the differences and how to do various things. I found initially even setting up a start screen difficult - not because the software is difficult but you need to learn how to get started - and Accordance has the resources to help you do that.

Accordance has all the tools one needs to do a deep study of the Scriptures - and then some - all included in the basic English Learner package. Once you know how to access everything - and how to place it on the screen - I found that the ability to do research and then see the stats related to that search - informative and fun. Then if you are writing a paper a nd need to make sure you have the right citations and notations it does it for you.

Do I recommend this Bible Software -

1. To those who are trying to decide which software to get - this is the one - I wish I had started here - I can see that I just barely touched the surface of what it can do.

2. It is a must that you go to Youtube and watch the MANY tutorials and reviews of Accordance 12 - you will not regret it - experts will show you the extremes of the program on how it can be used - so you can get the most about it.

3. If you already are locked into another Bible study software still check this out you might be surprised and find that it will do a more thorough and quicker job for you. All the products seem to offer the same book resources - but not all allow you to do the same things with it - Accordance seems to allow you to do a lot more in a very intuitive way.

Bottom line - give Accordance a chance - try it out

Dan Wagner

I recently started using Accordance Bible Software. Accordance has translations, lexicons, commentaries, devotionals, translator’s notes, and Bible studies to assist Bible students in their studies. I was asked to offer my perspective on the software.

First of all, one of the most limiting things about Bible Study Software is the price point. BibleWorks is near the $400 mark, Logos is anywhere between $200–1000 and Accordance has various options ranging from free to $35000.

Accordance Lite has a limited amount of solid resources. It is great software for the student on a budget. Another one worth looking into for the student on a budget is the Starter Collection ($60). If one has the money to invest in Bible Study Software, then perhaps it’s worth looking deeper into the main softwares.

I have the English Learner version (retail: $200), which I’ve found to be a wonderful Bible Study resource. I’m sure that as I use it more, I’ll find even more to love. I love that included is all 49 volumes of the Tyndale Commentary. Having used OliveTree before, I realized that buying this commentary to add to my collection with that software would cost as much as Accordance’s English Learner version all together.

I like the way the home page feels — it’s not terribly complicated, but has complexity that deserves some study. I’ve found the arrangement of Accordance’s software to take a bit of time to get acquainted with, but once you’re familiar, it’s a beautiful setup.

The main downside I can find with the English Learner version of Accordance that I have is that it lacks the resources one could find with a software like Logos’ more expensive Starter, Bronze, and Silver plans. While one would pay far more for Logos, it has more depth to it. If you’re going to invest in software, it may be worthwhile to invest more in a software that will give you more.

That being said, Accordance has additional bundles and e-books that can be bought individually to supplement what you already have. This could add up to become quite expensive if you wanted to have as many resources as Logos offers, but if you’re satisfied with what you get in the collection you purchase then you’re great.

Being a mac user, I find Accordance to be very friendly and accessible, which I cannot say of either Logos or BibleWorks. It’s wonderful to have a software that feels as comfortable and accessible as Accordance. I am a fan.


Dr. Scott Walt

Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, TCMi

As a new user of Bible software, I am impressed and overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of resources available through Accordance. For every hat I wear while reading the Bible and studying theology--Christian, student, teacher, preacher, language learner, researcher--there are a wealth of tools at my disposal. Logging onto Accordance makes me feel a little bit like James Bond walking into the armory to receive new equipment for his mission from "Q." To be able to access so much edifying content at such a minimal cost is a gift to the church.

Of course, such developments always come with dangers. In Bible software--including but not limited to Accordance--I see the seduction that accompanies having "so much power at one's fingertips." In our modern Western church context, we tend to lust after more and more Christian materials, always looking for a new-and-improved study Bible or spiritual writer. Yet I find that the main problem I face in my spiritual and theological endeavors is not a lack of resources, but a lack of reverence. Accordance can give me greater access to a great many good tools, but it cannot give me greater awareness of God's presence. It's important to recognize both the luxuries and the limitations of technology for enhancing Christian life and ministry.

Using Accordance has reinforced how easy it is for me to take the availability of amazing academic assets for granted. Christians in other centuries and in other parts of the world could not have imagined the depth and breadth of a tool like Accordance Bible Software. Yet I am now able to casually browse through an entire theological library with my thumb. With Accordance, I have gained access to what seems to me like a virtual seminary in my pocket. My hope now is that I, and users like me, will be able to sift through the sands of external knowledge and discern what to internalize into the depths of our souls.

Accordance is a powerful tool. In fact, it is so powerful that I would advise those who have addictive tendencies to use it with caution. Personally, I find that it tempts me either to get overly absorbed and distracted by its endless wonders, or to feel intimidated and inundated by all the information. But, when I am able to use it in a healthy way, it connects me to awesome content that equips me, like Q equips James Bond, to better fulfill my mission to love God and love others as Jesus has loved me.


Drew Boa

Pastors Must Have a Bible Study Software: 

I happened to be in the right place at the right time and had the opportunity to check out Accordance Bible Software 12. I have been using a Bible Study software of some kind since the early 2000s. As an evangelist, pastor, and writer I do not see how one could live without it. I am constantly on the go, but with a Bible software like Accordance I always have my study library with me. It allows for study when the opportunity presents itself. It also allows for the right tools for research when the need arises. If you are a pastor or Christian leader and you do not have a Bible study software then you are missing out. You are limiting yourself. Not only is it easily accessible, but the quality of the tools is amazing. I feel confident that I am able to use the best tools available and use them quickly.

Accordance’s Greatest Feature Might Not Be What You Think: 

Throughout my pastorate I have used the big 3 Bible Study softwares – Logos, Bible Works, and now Accordance. In my selecting of a software in the past I choose based on the number of resources and the claim of which tool had the most to offer. Really at this point the big 3 are all increasing in those areas. Yet in my use of Accordance a feature jumped out at me. One that I had never considered, but that has been a huge benefit – is that the Accordance workspace is very easy to use and allows me to get to a focused productive study faster than i have with other softwares. This may sound trivial, but it may become one of my biggest concerns. I struggle to focus in my study. I have limited time, but that doesn’t keep me from becoming distracted and chasing rabbits. Busy interfaces and workspaces definitely cause me to become distracted. I might piddle around with unnecessary features and resources rather than jumping into my study. With Accordance I found myself immediately proceeding into a very focused study. This same benefit proved helpful when i would leave my computer and come back to study. I immediately was able to jump into where i left off.

For someone with lots of projects going – this was very valuable.

It is like working on a clean desk, with well organized tools.

So I encourage the busy pastor, teacher, or writer who is struggling to balance time and still have productive study preparation to give Accordance a try.

See if the clean workspace helps you be more focused and productive. It has for me.


Jake McCandless


My habit of using books to study the Bible created an initial resistance toward using Bible software. I cannot now imagine engaging in serious Bible study without it. For about 15 years, I've used BibleWorks and Logos on a regular basis. And these are wonderful programs. At the same time, many of my colleagues who were using Accordance were as fanatical about it as Apple users are to Apple products. And now I can see why.

Quality and style have been built into every element of this tool. It is the king of Bible software. In my opinion, Logos still has a slight advantage when it comes to the amount of available resources and BibleWorks gives you the biggest bang for the buck. But I need both of these programs to do what can be done alone with Accordance. Accordance also provides a more pleasing interface than either Logos or BibleWorks. When it comes to complex searches, a necessity for serious exegetes, these can be done with BibleWorks and Accordance. However, complex searches are conducted with far greater ease with Accordance and in a manner more easily remembered for future uses. Bottom Line: If you're a serious student of the Bible or want to be and desire a Bible software program that provides far more than you will ever require, you will be very pleased to purchase Accordance!

Michael R. Licona

Associate Professor in Theology Houston Baptist University

There is so much to say about the Accordance Bible Software but I want to boil it down to three outstanding features:

    • Intuitive, flexible interface – with so many features and resources available on bible software programs, I often find myself overwhelmed by them. Accordance has thoughtfully made features and resources accessible without cluttering the screen. It is easy and intuitive which says a lot given the complexity of programs today. I felt like I could be in the driver’s seat of my learning and discovery pretty much right away.

    • Extensive number of resources – perhaps I am too easily impressed, but I couldn’t believe the number of resources included in the English Discoverer version for a fraction of the cost of owning them in book form (I still enjoy the feel books by the way). Accordance is also constantly adding valuable, first rate resources to their library and though they are not inexpensive, they are a good value at a fraction of the weight. This is a big plus for me as I am seeking to simplify my life which includes my library –desiring to travel through life more lightly.

    • Joy of Discovery – Accordance XII makes reading and learning about the Bible fun, enjoyable and ultimately fruitful for my own teaching, sharing, and exploration. I consider this the highest compliment to the quality and usability of the software.

    I was given a complimentary copy of Accordance XII: English Discoverer in return for my unbiased review of the software.


Michael Tso

"This is a tremendous helpful update! I can't wait to share with my friends! Thanks Accordance Team!”

Mutien Chen

Accordance User

My name is Nathan Adkison.  I am the Lead Software Developer for the 47th Cybersecurity Test Flight at Eglin AFB, FL and am a Cyberspace Operations Officer in the Air Force Reserves with the 717th Information Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, FL.  I have a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science, a Master's of Art degree in Christian Studies, and am currently working on my Master of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary.  I am also the 5th/6th Grade Minister at my church.  I wanted to give you a little bit of background about me in hopes that this will be more meaningful to you.  Recently, I was in an Exegesis of Galatians class and the professor was using your Accordance software.  I had never seen your software before, but I was really impressed.  I downloaded the Lite version and was hooked.  The next day, I went back online and ordered the Level 1 Academic Bundle.  I love the way everything is setup and I can tell you have a great team there at Oak Tree Software.  I plan on building my package up a little at a time until I eventually have the All-in-All package. :)  I have already been telling everyone I know about your product and I know you will continue on with the great work.  Thank you for taking the time to build such a wonderful product.  Have a great day and God bless!

Nathan Adkinson

Lead Software Developer for the 47th Cybersecurity Test Flight at Eglin AFB, FL

I've just begun to play around with this latest version of Accordance. I had been using version 8 for years now. THIS IS AWESOME! Y'all have made a GREAT product. Every time I think to myself - "wouldn't it be cool if accordance did X..." I find that it does!

Parker Johnson

I am delighted and impressed! I have NEVER enjoyed a study software like this! I MOUSEOVER...and see the GREEK for the word in a window below...while at the RIGHT THERE ARE coordinating verses. WONDERFUL! So happy to have discovered it. With my budget being low at this time, I am thrilled that Accordance has created this LITE version! Thank you, Accordance!

Susan Sherwood Parr

President of Life to the World Ministries, Inc.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore the new Accordance12 Bible software! If you want to go deeper into studying the Bible this year, check this resource out! Below is my review. I love studying the Bible, digging into the meaning and the context, and imagining myself as a witness to the scene or receiving the message of the Word. Part of my process is responding visually through Art and Bible Journaling. As I draw, paint, collage, write, I meditate on the focused Scripture, the meaning of key words, and ask God to speak to me. As I listen, engaging the imagination, I reflect and respond visually through imagery and words combined.

Exploring the meaning of a word in the context of Scripture is a process I use often as I study the Bible, pray, and seek wisdom. I find there are often layers of meaning that lead to an “aha” moment of the heart, renewing of the mind, and life change.

For example, each year I receive a word of the year. One of the first things I do is a word study using online and hard copies of dictionaries and various versions of the Bible. When doing previous word studies, I’ve used online resources such as Bible Gateway, Blue Letter Bible and Bible Hub, and online dictionaries. They have been useful, and I was curious how using Bible software would enhance and deepen the learning. I am new to Accordance Bible Software and recently received a copy of the Accordance12 Discoverer Collection for the purpose of this review.

After using Accordance Bible Software for only a short time, it has exceeded my expectations by providing easily accessible resources for word studies, along with user-friendly workspaces using parallel translations. All the resources I look for are on one screen and can be customized by a mere click of a few buttons. Here are some benefits I received within the first week of working with Accordance Bible Software.

• The installation process was easy and came with clear instructions.

• The software is user-friendly and intuitive

• The training videos are helpful. The computer is not my favorite way to study or my most intuitive. The introduction videos showed me how to navigate and do the basics.

• The workspaces are customizable and easily adaptable. I found the Research workspace worked well for my word study, and was easy to modify to suit my needs.

• Because the information is downloaded onto the computer, it is accessible even when offline.

• It was easy to copy the information, print it out, and have it ready to use in my Bible study journaling process.

• Accordance Bible Software gives the ability to access and view all the components I use for a word or Scripture reference study all on one screen.

• The biggest benefit of Accordance for me is there are more resources at my fingertips than I would search for online. With a mere click of a few buttons I can access the many relevant resources such as many versions of the Bible, dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, topical studies, and other inspiring resources such as collections of quotes, and even hymns that relate to the subject.

• There are even more resources that can be added as menu items to the collection of tools in the Accordance12 English Discoverer Collection. The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery is at the top of my list. It is the most useful and valuable tool I have for looking up the significance and symbolism of Biblical imagery. I have a hard copy book already, but having it as digital resource that function within the Accordance Bible Software is something I am excited to use.


Valerie Sjodin