Jul 2, 2013 Darin Allen

Using the Upgrade Calculator

Have you tried using our new Upgrade Calculator yet? This handy feature is designed to help you learn about the new Accordance 10 Collections and provide a complete breakdown of the new modules these Collections would add to your personal Library should you choose to upgrade. To get started with the Upgrade Calculator, just open Easy Install from the Accordance menu and click on the Upgrade Calculator button in the bottom-left.

Easy Install Window

Below is a breakdown of the information you will find in the Upgrade Calculator:

Upgrade Calculator

  1. The left side of the menu is where you choose a Collection. In the above screenshot, the new Accordance 10 Collections are at the top. This list also includes the old Accordance 9 bundles to enable you to discover which modules are missing from a specific bundle. You have the option of purchasing the missing modules at a discount, in order to be eligible for an upgrade to one of the new Collections.

  2. This section shows you the retail price of the selected Collection, before any potential discounts have been applied.

  3. Here you will find some of the custom upgrade paths* that are available for the selected Collection. If you currently own one of the other Collections or bundles listed in this section, you qualify for the discounted upgrade price listed next to it. In the example above, we can see that a user who currently owns the Accordance 9 Mega Bundle would qualify for a discounted $499 upgrade price to the Accordance 10 Ultimate Collection.

  4. This section shows you the combined value of the individual modules that would be added by upgrading to the new Collection. Technically, this is the combined value of modules in the new Collection that are not currently installed on your computer, so be sure to have everything installed if you want the most accurate comparison. In the above example, I currently have the Accordance 10 Starter Collection installed. This section tells me that if I purchased each of the remaining modules in the Ultimate Collection individually, it would cost $7,424.95 to complete the Collection. As you can tell, the $1,999.99 Collection price offers a substantial discount off the individual Accordance prices (and even more compared to print prices).

  5. This area contains a list of all the individual modules, add-ons, and bundles you would gain by upgrading to the selected Collection, along with their individual prices. This allows you to scan through the list and see how many of these items are of interest to you personally. While you might not purchase each of these modules inidividually, this section will give you a good idea if there are enough items on your wish list to justify the purchase price of the entire Collection.

New All-in-All Program

If you haven't heard, we just launched a new program for users who want to own absolutely everything available in Accordance. While most users will be best served with one of our six Collections and selected add-on modules, we have received enough interest over the years in a comprehensive purchasing program that we decided to create our new All-in-All Program. This program offers every single Accordance module (present and future) at a discount. You can learn more about this program on the All-in-All product page. You can also use the Upgrade Calculator to see what you would gain from the All-in-All program, as shown in the screenshot below.

All in All Calculator

* Acknowledging the Limitations of our Upgrade System

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that while the transition to our new Accordance 10 Collections has been a good experience for most users (and necessary for simplification purposes), it has also presented some challenges for users with older Collections. Most significantly, the complexity involved in creating upgrade paths has limited us to only offering customized upgrade paths from Accordance 9 Collections and some Accordance 8 Collections. This means that users who purchased a Collection prior to Accordance 8 and did not upgrade to a new Accordance 8 or 9 Collection do not have a customized upgrade path. It also means that we are currently unable to customize upgrade paths based on some of the individual items you may have previously purchased that are now included in the new Collections.

To compensate for these limitations, we tried to pack enough value into the new Collections to make them worth purchasing outright, even in cases where you already own some of the included modules. The Upgrade Calculator is a good way to see exactly how much value you gain from upgrading, even in cases where you do not have a customized upgrade path. We also offer full credit for individual modules purchased in the last three months when upgrading to a Collection that includes them. If you have any further questions about finding your best upgrade price, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to assist you personally. We thank you for being patient with us as we continue to explore new upgrade possibilities moving forward.

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