Dec 28, 2009 David Lang

Victims of Success

Over the weekend, we learned to our chagrin that credit card orders being placed through our website were not authorizing successfully. True to Murphy's Law, this occurred on the weekend when we could do nothing to correct it. We therefore posted instructions on the website and forums describing how to get around the problem until we could get it fixed.

This morning we contacted the processing company and learned why credit card orders were no longer being authorized. It seems we had processed so many orders this month that we had exceeded some predefined cap on the amount that could be charged in a given month! We have now corrected the problem and taken steps to ensure it won't happen again. We do apologize for the inconvenience to those of you who tried to place an order over the weekend. Still, I can't help thinking that if you're going to have a problem, too many sales is a good problem to have. At a time when so many companies are struggling to survive, we're grateful to you, our users, for presenting us with the opposite problem!

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December 28, 2009 5:58 PM

[sarcasm] WHAT?!?!?!  How can this been?  Certain other Bible software sales reps tell me that Accordance is shriveling and dying on the vine.  They assure me that in the not-to-distant future their company will be the only left.  How then can you make the preposterous claims that business is good???   Seriously.  Stop all the jolly-good feel good stories. [/sarcasm]


I'm very glad that sales this Christmas season were exceptional for you guys!  Looking forward to more great stuff in the years ahead!