Nov 16, 2009 David Lang

Bibliographic Citation: Comparison Video and Pages Footnotes

Last week we released Accordance 8.4 and talked a fair amount about the new Bibliographic citation feature. On Friday, Rick Mansfield of This Lamp put together another one of his videos comparing Accordance's Bibliographic citations with those of another program. While Rick has a few criticisms of our implementation, I think Accordance comes off looking pretty good.

One Accordance advantage which Rick didn't bring out (because he pasted every citation into Word) is that Accordance lets you paste Bibliographic citations into programs like Pages which don't support automatic footnotes. If you leave the option to format the bibliography details as a footnote unchecked, the bibliography details will appear immediately below your pasted citation. With other programs, if you paste into Pages, you don't get the bibliography info at all.

While we hope Apple will eventually support automatic footnoting in Pages, we've been Mac developers long enough to know better than to wait for Apple. Scripter extraordinaire Joe Weaks also knows better than to wait for Apple, so he wrote a script which takes the Bibliography info from Accordance and automatically formats it as a footnote in Pages. Go to Joe's website to find out how to download and use his Accordance to Pages Citation Paster.

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Helen Brown

November 17, 2009 10:26 AM

Dr. J's latest podcast demonstrates the Bibliography feature as well as the "smart" searching.