Jan 4, 2012 David Lang

Want Individual Volumes of NICOT? No Problem!


Many people like to buy multi-volume commentaries as complete sets, and doing so generally results in the lowest price per volume. Accordance offers a number of these large sets, such as Word, NAC, NIGTC, Pillar, Hermeneia, Tyndale, NICNT, NICOT, etc. Purchase just one or two of these sets and you'll have a commentary library that would require several bookshelves to house all the print volumes. In addition to saving money on bookshelves (and the time it takes to assemble them!), buying these sets in Accordance is typically much cheaper than buying them in print.

Still, even the Accordance editions of these commentary sets often require a significant investment, and it can be hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a complete set when all you really need are the volumes on the books of the Bible you're currently studying. A pastor preaching through Isaiah, for example, could spend the money for the complete NICOT series and get one commentary on Isaiah, or he could take that same money and buy just the Isaiah volumes from a half-dozen different commentary series. When finished with Isaiah, he can then do the same thing with the next Bible book he preaches from.

Last month, we released the New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) as a complete set, and the folks who buy commentaries that way have been snapping them up. Now we're offering individual volumes for purchase to accommodate those of you who prefer the volume-by-volume approach. As with all the commentaries for which we offer individual volumes, we'll still give you a discount for purchasing three or more volumes together. See this page to purchase individual volumes of NICOT and other commentary series.

Do you prefer buying complete commentary sets or individual volumes? Why?

Any bookshelf-assembly or had-to-move-my-print-library horror stories you want to share?

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