Accordance Widget

Although still available, the widget is not fully functional in the latest Mac OS systems and not at all on Windows. Instead Accordance 11 offers a package of Services for Mac, and a keyboard shortcut (command-option-a on Mac and ctrl-alt-a on Windows) to perform the same functions.

If you have OS 10.4 and Accordance 6.7 or above, you can add the Accordance Widget to your dashboard. The widget lets you quickly retrieve verses from any Bible text you have in Accordance, and paste them into a document you are working on.

If you have Tiger, run the Accordance installer to place the Widget on your desktop, or download the latest widget here. See the Widget Read Me for installation instructions and other tips.

Using the Widget

Bring the dashboard to the front (the default key is F12). Simply enter a verse reference and press return or enter. The verses you requested appear in the opened scroll.

Click the magnifying glass to retrieve recent searches for quick access.

Click Copy to copy the text to the clipboard for pasting into another document. The text will take the font and style used at the point of insertion.

Click and drag the bottom of the scroll to lengthen the window.

Options on the Back

Click the i button in the bottom right corner to set the options:

  • Select the text from the pop-up menu showing the list of texts available to Accordance.
  • Click Update to update the list if you have added more modules or rearranged them.

  • Check Auto Search to have the widget enter and use a reference you have selected in the frontmost application.
  • Check Auto Insert to have the widget automatically paste the text at the insertion point of the frontmost application. You can use this in conjunction with Auto Search to have the widget automatically replace a selected reference with the actual verses in a word processor. You will just need to invoke the dashboard and then press enter.
  • Check Copy as Citation to have the text display and copy in the citation format used in the menu item of that name in Accordance.
  • Click Done to return to the front.


Version 1.6.7 of the widget is available for download. New features include:

  • Support for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and partially compatible with Mavericks (OS X 10.9).
  • Bug fixes

See Accordance Widget Read Me on your desktop for full documentation.