Feb 7, 2011 David Lang

Worth Checking Out

Here are a few things I think you'll find worth checking out:

  • Dr. J's latest podcast offers a helpful comparison of our two most extensive Holy Land Photograph collections: the Bible Lands PhotoGuide, and the new American Colony and Eric Matson collection from Bibleplaces.com. Not only does he compare the strengths of each of these resources, he gives you a brief sampling of some of the photos they contain.
  • In pointing his readers to Dr. J's podcast, Todd Bolen of Bibleplaces.com included a comment from a user who had great things to say about having this collection available within Accordance. Also, Bolen's most recent blog post points to an interesting Jerusalem Quarterly article on the history of the American Colony Photography Department.
  • Another blog post mentioning Accordance comes from James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, who relates how he identified passages of P46 at the Chester Beatty Library using the Accordance app on his iPod.
  • This review of the The Sacred Bridge at Biblical Archaeology Review praises the atlas for its thorough and careful scholarship. The reviewer's only criticism is that the font size of the print edition is too small to read comfortably. Of course, this criticism does not apply to the Accordance edition.
  • Finally, Adam M. Lowe has been comparing the functionality and costs of various iPad Bible apps, including Accordance.
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February 11, 2011 2:07 PM

as i read Lowe's review of the various ipad/ipod/iphone bible apps, i was disappointed at how poorly the accordance app scored...

i know you don't usually give time frames for this but any idea when there'll be an update to correct this? (c:

always loved accordance and find the app handy -- and trying to use the app as a justification to purchase an ipad, alas, not there ye...