Aug 15, 2012 David Lang

Wouldn't It Be Nice? Smarter Context

Have you ever noticed that when you do different kinds of searches in Accordance, you're really wanting different things?

Let's say you do a verse search for Ephesians 2:8. The Search tab dutifully displays that verse, and that verse only. But you don't want just that verse; you want to begin reading at that verse and continue reading the verses that follow it. To see that verse in context, you need to drag the context slider all the way to the right.


Now, leave the context slider set to all and enter the following search: Gen 1:1, 26; 5:1. When you do a search like this for a series of verses, you typically don't want to see those verses in context. Instead, you want to be able to see only those verses so you can compare them. To remove the context, slide the context slider all the way to the left.


Now, let's say you enter a chapter reference, like Exodus 20. That case is very much like the search for a single verse. You're really just wanting to jump to that chapter and likely wanting to see it in context. So once again, we need to drag the context slider all the way to the right.


Suppose that you next decide to do a word search. You click the Words button and enter the word love. In order to scan the results of this search, you don't want to see each verse in context; you just want to see the verses which contain the word "love". Once again, you need to drag the context slider all the way to the left!


From these examples it should be clear that we typically want some search results to be shown in context and others to be shown without it. Accordance makes it easy to change the amount of context, but wouldn't it be nice if it looked at the kind of search you were doing and adjusted the amount of context accordingly?


Hmmmm. It sure would be nice.

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Archived Comments

Timothy Butler

August 15, 2012 2:10 AM

That would be absolutely wonderful, David. I hope this is a teaser for a coming attraction. :)

Karl Karzelek

August 15, 2012 2:47 AM

So, is this going to be a 9.x update, or will this be Accordance X?

Neville Reid

August 15, 2012 5:19 AM

Well, if the app doesn't yet have an empathic link, at least it has the slider. It's one of the main reasons I upgraded to v9.