Today Zondervan announced that it is discontinuing its Pradis Bible Software for Windows and will be licensing its materials to other Windows Bible software developers. This is a major shift in policy and welcome news for Windows users who did not want to use a separate Bible program exclusively for Zondervan content. The first of Zondervan’s new partners is naturally and excitedly publicizing this long-awaited change, and some people may be getting the mistaken impression that this product has somehow replaced Pradis as the exclusive platform for Zondervan content.

What many people don’t realize is that Pradis has never been the exclusive software platform for Zondervan content. On the Macintosh platform, MacBible existed before Pradis was ever developed. Then, ten years ago, Zondervan discontinued MacBible and partnered with Accordance to deliver its award-winning Bible reference materials to Mac users.

Zondervan released its first Accordance-compatible CD-ROM in February of 1999, and since that time has released numerous titles such as the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, NIDNTT and NIDOTTE, the Zondervan Pictorial Encylopedia of the Bible, the NIV Study Bible notes, and much more. What’s more, our partnership with Zondervan remains strong, and there’s a lot more Zondervan material in the pipeline.

So while Windows Bible software users are partying like its 1999 while they continue to wait for Zondervan materials to be released for other programs, Accordance users can quietly smile and keep using their Zondervan resources today.