This free version of Accordance lets you try out the software on Windows or Mac with no commitment at all.

What’s So Special?

  • Enjoy Accordance with no time limits.
  • Read and search a free set of titles including ESV Bible with Strong’s numbers.
  • See the full list of contents here.
  • Add your favorite Bible version or almost any title in our store.
  • Let your friends try Accordance or read a title you have purchased for them.
  • Share Accordance for free with your class or group.
  • Upgrade smoothly to the fully-featured version when you are ready.

Features of Accordance Lite

  • Runs all our titles except the interactive Atlas and Timeline, and the Syntax and Diagram modules.
  • Suppresses some of the new and advanced features of versions 12 and 13.
  • Occasionally invites you to upgrade.
  • Compare the features and contents of the Lite and full versions.

Upgrading with Accordance Lite

If you already own an earlier version of Accordance you can download version 13 and run it as the Lite version. You will enjoy many of the more minor new features, but the major ones will not be available to you. In addition you will find some of the features that you used before are now disabled, including the interactive Atlas and Timeline. Of course, as soon as you purchase the upgrade to the full Accordance 13, you will have the benefit of everything you had plus all the new features of 13.

Installing Accordance Lite

Simply download Accordance 13, install it, and choose to register the Lite version instead of validating the full version.

You will be taken to the Easy Install page to download your free library, and then to setup some preferences.

When you want to convert to the fully-featured version, simply purchase one of our Collections, and Accordance will unlock all its features for you. Easy Install will download your additional titles.

It’s that easy!

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