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Tuesday, February 07, 2006  

How Much is an Upgrade Worth?

In yesterday's post, I talked about how the feedback of our users has helped us to add lots of little refinements to the Accordance user interface. The vast majority of these refinements end up being released as free downloadable program updates, such as the 6.9.2 update that we just released.

That's one reason our users ought to keep up with the latest Accordance updates. Almost without exception, our free incremental updates contain numerous minor enhancements which help to make Accordance insanely great. Take a look at the Version History in the Manuals and Documents folder inside your Accordance folder to see some of the cool things that have been added since version 6 was released. Those users who paid $29 to upgrade to version 6 in November of 2003 have seen that investment amortized across no less than eleven incremental updates since then. That works out to be less than three dollars per update. Not too shabby.

That's something to consider when version 7 is released later this year. In addition to all the new features and enhancements you'll get with the initial upgrade (and believe me, the list will be considerable!), you can count on numerous free updates over the course of that next upgrade cycle.

I think that it was a great deal at $29. I only hope this is not a warning that Vs. 7 is going to jump in price. I think Accordance is the greatest Bible program available. Keep up the good work.

No warnings intended. The price to upgrade to 7.0 should be comparable to the current upgrade price.

I just need to say that an major version upgrade for software of this sort is nearly unheard of in this market. Way to go!

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